TGI Friday Open Thread: Let’s Talk Valentine’s Day Plans, Including Pretending It’s Not A Holiday

I used to hate Valentine’s Day with a fiery passion. I had a good excuse; I was a waitress and it was always one of the busiest days of the year, full of awkward dates and ridiculously high expectations. It’s been years since I’ve waited tables, but the memories of the high-maintenance holiday tainted my idea of the day for years.




The result of spending your adult life working in restaurants is that you NEVER go to a restaurant on a holiday. So we will definitely not be dining out. As luck would have it, my sister booked a beach house for something totally unrelated to this holiday and we are sharing it with her in-laws, which may sound scary, but it’s actually really nice. The place is huge and I’m having a fun time pretending I live here. So my Valentine’s day plans include continuing to pretend that this giant house is mine, drinking large amounts of wine because there are tons of people here to help with the kids, and buying at least one cheap heart-shaped box of candy from the local Walgreens.



If you are a person who does celebrate Valentine’s Day, tell us your sweet plans. If you are a person who detests the holiday, do tell why. If you don’t care either way and are just happy the weekend is here, tell us what’s in your Netflix cue.

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