TGI Friday Open Thread: What Is Your Dream Day?

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This TGI Friday open thread comes courtesy of our lovely reader CMJ , you know, the CMJ who graced us with this amazing piece of art:

Who wants to know: What is your dream day?

You know, if you could do anything for a day, money no object, no work, with or without kids, all of that good stuff. How would you spend it? I can’t answer this question because I have too many scenarios! I have my fancy adult dream day and then I have one that involves me not getting dressed and watching TV all day and then I have one where I hang out with the kids. I’m conflicted! So tell me all about your dream day!

I do know my dream day will NOT happen this weekend because I have to carve pumpkins (ewwwww pumpkin guts) and clean my house. Not very dreamy.

Also, you may or may not have been aware of this little drama fest that Meghan had to address.  For those of you keeping tabs, Meghan is STILL BANNED from commenting on The Atlantic article.  It should be noted, I still write about rape, vaginas, abortions and feminist issues, as do many of the writers here and on our sister sites. SO Whatever.

So, tell us all about your dream day! My dream TGI Friday Open Thread obviously needs alcohol, so I will be scrounging through my kitchen trying to find something boozy and delicious. You too? Excellent! I hate drinking alone!

As every, you can talk about whatever you like, this is YOUR Open Thread, so do eeeet. (Bacon and Bitching always allowed)

(Image: Tumblr)