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TGI Friday Open Thread: What’s Our Black Friday Game Plan?

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74009238So, are we doing Black Friday this year? And by “are we doing Black Friday?” I mean  are we all going to sit online and have a giant open thread where we can talk about what we are buying online without leaving the house and also – drinking?

I have NO interest in going out at two in the morning to buy anything, and so many places have Black Friday deals online now so I would rather sit around in my PJs and eat leftovers and see what sort of bargains I can score on the internets.

I haven’t even checked to see who is selling what this year and what the best bargains will be! I haven’t even purchased my French Fried Onions in advance yet!

And I have no idea what I am buying anyone yet either, so I should probably start thinking about that. But I’m sure my older kids will want video games and my daughter will probably want some sort of happy sparkle princess.

What are you all going to be shopping for? Maybe we can all add links and report back and what sorts of bargains we scored on Black Friday. Are you into this, or would you rather just talk about sex, you filthy little minxes.

So tell me, Black Friday open thread? Also, what are you doing this weekend? Also, who is drunk?

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