Mom Gets Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Changing A Diaper At The Table, Unbelievably Doesn’t Understand Why

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shutterstock_151519028__1407764107_142.196.167.223A Texas mom was kicked out of a restaurant after she changed her baby’s diaper at a table. If you’re reaction to this statement isn’t Gross! Why the hell would anybody do that? – you have some self-examination to do. I can’t believe this even needs to be said, but don’t change your baby’s diaper in a room where people are consuming food, then expect the general public to sympathize with you when you get kicked out.

Miranda Sowers took her 4-month-old into the bathroom at Brother’s Pizza Express. There was no changing table, which isn’t surprising because there is often not a changing table available unless you are at a giant corporate restaurant. She was puzzled by the lack of changing table, even though she has two older children and has obviously been in this position before. She didn’t want to take her infant, her 4-year-old and her 8-year-old back to the van for a diaper change, so she opted to change it at their table.

She explained to the local news that her decision was a last resort:

“I thought you know what I’ve got my own changing pad, she’s tiny, she fits right here on the chair, So I laid her down quickly and quietly changed her diaper.”

Yeah, I don’t think the noise is what people have a problem with, lady. Clearly you are too in love with your own offspring to realize what comes out of her is vile and disgusting – but it is. Poop is gross. Infant poop is the worst. It does not belong in a public restaurant’s dining room – period. I get it – I have a small child and I’m not disgusted by her bodily functions. I’m just not completely tone-deaf to the fact that the rest of the world probably is.

The restaurant manager claims that as soon as she opened the diaper, people started complaining. That is when they asked Sowers to leave.

Sowers has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You have got to be kidding me, lady. This business did nothing wrong. Instead of inconveniencing yourself by bringing your kids out to the car to change a diaper – you inconvenienced the whole restaurant by forcing them to smell shit while they were eating. Not okay.

Yes it sucks when restaurants don’t offer diaper changing tables. No, the lack of one is not an excuse to change a shitty diaper in the middle of a restaurant.

Unbelievable that people need to be told this.

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