As The Body Count From The Texas Tornados Rises, You Can Find Me Over In The Corner Crying

Texas Tornados Kill Six When I’m older, at least when my kids are safely tucked away in college (hopefully) I’m going to buy an old school bus and fill it with diapers and formula and pet food and cases of booze and when something this horrific happens I’m going to gather a mess of other old ladies and we can head down to places like Texas when tragedy strikes. You can join me, the line forms to the left. Bring extra Kleenex.

Last night several tornados hit the edge of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and six have been confirmed dead with over 100 injuries. So far over 14 people are unaccounted for, and in one subdivision alone at least 75 homes have been destroyed. From USA Today:

Hood County Judge Darrell Cockerham told CNN there were reports of houses flattened with people inside.

I have never lived through a tornado and I can’t even begin to imagine how terrifying it is, especially for families with children. The tornados and resulting storms brought hail the size of grapefruit┬áto some areas.
[youtube_iframe id=”pu3UOqYglkQ”]

So far at least 250 people have been left homeless. Stories like this break my heart and make me feel so helpless. I guess all we can do is keep those families in our thoughts and if anyone is able and interested, here is the link to the Red Cross in that area. I wish we did have a big old bus and we could go there and help out however we can, and I’m sure we’ll hear stories of people doing just that. It’s not only the adults and little kids that worry me, whenever natural disasters strike there are always homeless cats and dogs who are lost and injured as well. It’s all just so heartbreaking.

I wish I could do more. I’ll be thinking of the people there and I hope any of our readers who live there or have family in the area are safe and sound this morning.

(Image:Red Cross)

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