Parent Runs To News With Scandalous Report: Teacher Uses Pinterest, Drinks Wine

teacher-student-ecardThe most mind-blowing moment of my 7-year-old life was seeing my teacher tending bar at a local restaurant during my summer vacation. I realized then that teachers are, in fact, humans and even leave the school and lead normal lives occasionally. Unfortunately for teachers, there are people in the world who never realize that.

According to Buzzfeed, a Texas teacher is under investigation after a student’s mom did a “quick search online” and found her Pinterest profile, which included a few funny e-cards about the realities of working with kids. Where a normal person might have laughed and maybe even let the teacher know her Pinterest profile wasn’t set to private, this lady went straight for the local news. From KENS 5:

The parent sent KENS 5 several of the posts. She said the teacher posted three e-cards. One e-card said: ”Do you want to hear a secret? You’re the reason your teachers are alcoholics.” In another e-card, the parent said the teacher posted said: ”If teachers were honest with report card comments: Jimmy continues to be an (expletive). I would like him to stop being an (expletive).”

Three whole e-cards, you guys! And one with a swear word! Send in the National Guard!

The mom refused to go on camera, but told the news she wants disciplinary action taken immediately. The school district is now launching an investigation into the matter but declined to comment, as they’re ”still in the process of getting in contact with the parent who saw the posts.” You know, because she went to the local news over an e-card instead of just emailing someone at the school with her nonsense.

This may come as a shock to people like this mom, but teachers are human beings. They have social media accounts, they make jokes — hell, they even have things they like and dislike about work. Startling, I know. Should the teacher have had her account locked down? Of course. We all should. But even failing to properly secure her Pinterest account doesn’t make this worthy of an investigation.

If this teacher receives any sort of disciplinary action, it better be as simple as being told to make her account private. I also hope someone will mail that mom instructions on how to remove the stick from her ass. I’m sure it’s getting uncomfortable, and I’d be ornery too if I had to do all my online teacher stalking while standing up.

(Photo: raluttioSomeecards)

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