Police Officer Allegedly Hits Pregnant Woman Because His Ammunition Belt Was Loose

handcuffs isolatedThere are lots of things you shouldn’t say or do to a pregnant woman, but allegedly pushing one against a counter and then allegedly striking her has got to be at the top of the list.

According to the Associated Press, Deanna Robinson was 38 weeks pregnant when she was arrested after police came to her parents’ home as part of a child abuse investigation. During the arrest, Robinson, who can be heard on video stating that she’s pregnant, allegedly had her front pushed against a counter. When officers were unable to handcuff her, one of them allegedly struck her. Robinson has filed a complaint and is seeking for the officer to be charged with assault. An investigation by the Texas Rangers is ongoing.

Hunt County sheriff Randy Meeks says there are two versions of what happened. In one version, the officer assaulted Robinson, in the other, the officer used force because Robinson reached for his weapon. According to the Associated Press, Meeks conceded in a press conference that he was not sure that Robinson reached for the officer’s weapon, but that the officer in question told investigators his ammunition belt had been loosened in the struggle.

According to Robinson, a few days prior to her arrest, she and her husband got into a fight that escalated into a shoving match. Robinson was holding her 18-month-old child at the time of the incident. One of Robinson’s older children told a teacher about the incident, and the teacher contacted the police.

Meeks claims Robinson was shown a court order that allowed the Texas deputies to take custody of her 18 month-old-son but Robinson contends she was given no explanation as to why her child was being taken from her.

Here’s the video from the Associated Press:

[youtube_iframe id=”eJuKlQF0meg”]

This isn’t an question of whether Robinson deserved to be arrested or have her kids taken away, as we don’t know the details of the child protection case that is ongoing. This is an issue of whether the officers in question used excessive force in making an arrest. It’s obvious that Robinson is being loud, and it’s possible she knew the incident was being filmed, and may have played up her discomfort, as she calls for a “Michelle” to record whats happening. Although the video doesn’t offer the clearest view point, it seems like the officers are having difficulty handcuffing Robinson before the officer allegedly strikes Robinson. But Robinson is apparently outnumbered, unarmed, in a contained area, and 38 weeks pregnant– so it’s hard to see how the alleged striking wasn’t just the officer trying to make her shut up.

Robinson was charged with resisting arrest, assault on a public servant and interfering with child custody. She spent nearly a week in jail and does not have custody of her children at present. Her three older step-children and 18-month-old remain in protective custody. After her arrest, she went on to thankfully deliver a healthy baby boy, who is currently in the custody of her parents.

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