Depressing Conclusion To The Texas Rape Of An 11-Year Old: She’s Now 14 And Pregnant

Texas Child Gang Rape Victim Now PregnantYou all may remember the horrific case that happened in Cleveland, Texas where an 11-year-old girl was gang raped by 20 men and boys over a four month period. Despite the awful ordeal the girl went through and being taken by CPS and placed with a foster family for a while before she moved back in with her mother and her siblings, the girl is now age 14 and pregnant by her 15-year-old boyfriend and due in about two months. She plans on keeping the baby. From

A girl who was 11-years-old girl when she was gang raped in Cleveland is now 7-months pregnant at age 14.

Twenty men and boys were accused of gang raping the girl in 2010.

Most of the suspects have pleaded guilty, or have been convicted.

The girl spent some time in foster care after the gang rape, but moved to Houston last August where she’s living with her mother, brother and sisters.

The girl’s mother said she learned about her daughter’s pregnancy last December.

”Well, when she came with the pregnancy test, I was like, ”˜Go away, get away from me, I was upset,” she said.

The girl said she is nervous and that the father of the child is her 15-year-old boyfriend. She said she will be keeping the baby.


Her mother is upset? I’m upset! What this girl went through is so awful and terrifying that I’m not sure how she even had the time or opportunity to get pregnant, when I sort of assumed she would have been spending the majority of her time in therapy and her family would have been doing everything in their power to create an environment for their daughter where she could heal and get an education and move on from this. I know how judgy I sound here, and I am judgy about this because what happened to this girl when she was basically still a child, and she still is now, was so awful and dramatic and I have thought about her in passing and I always hoped for a better future for her. For all I know maybe her mom was doing everything in her power to help her daughter but wouldn’t that include keeping her from getting pregnant until she was older?

I know many teens moms are excellent moms and it doesn’t have to mean that having a child as a teen is a life-ruining situation, but this girl is such a young teen and she has been though so much and I’m not sure how she can even be healed from her assaults, much less be in any mental or emotional state in order to raise a child. I’m blaming her mother. I don’t know how she could let this happen. And what will become of the young girl and her baby now? When a rape victim moves on from her (or his, but I am speaking about a young girl her so I will keep the pronouns accordingly) victimization and decides to start a family it’s a wonderful, healing time but you can’t expect me to believe this young girl is in any way ready to become a mother. Being a teen mom is challenging enough as it is without the recent history of a gigantic gang rape. This poor girl. I want to enroll her in school and get her some excellent therapists and birth control and fix her or at least support her in some way. This news sucks so bad. Excuse my in-articulation but this is just about all I can come up with.

I’ll be in the corner frowning and clutching my pearls.

(Image: KHOU)

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