Mommyish Poll: How Would You Feel About Your Kids Texting Their Sex Questions?

teenager texting cell phoneParents thankfully are having the sex talk with their kids these days, but even though we famously live in the age of information there is still one area we’re keeping too mum to our kids about: sex. Moms and dads may be talking about the birds and bees, but they’re definitely not covering all their bases. Such gaps in information account for one-quarter of girls thinking that the HPV vaccine prevents them from contracting all STDS or for kids forcing group sex on one another failing to understand that it’s rape. But a new service entitled ICYC – In Case You’re Curious by Planned Parenthood allows kids to text their inquiries about STDs and safe sex and get a response within 24 hours sent straight to their mobile phone.

Perhaps you do make a point to discuss safe sex with your kids, or plan to someday. But regardless of how open you aim to be with your child, there always exists the possibility that they may too ashamed to ask you, or even their health teacher, about sex. And where there’s no asking, there’s little to no learning and an even a bigger chance of them being misinformed by the world wide web.

So in age where kids are Googling their sexual inquiries and stumbling across health directors disavowing condom use because, you know,”I don’t sleep with that many people,” what do you say as a parent to kids texting Planned Parenthood for information? Would you sleep better, or worse?

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