I Don’t Understand The Parents Who Are Staying Silent After Horrifying Hazing Ritual

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shutterstock_109676510__1371903106_142.196.156.251A group of Seattle area teens were found beaten, whipped and suffering from hypothermia after a high school hazing ritual. Not surprisingly, the teens are so desperate to get into the exclusive club that carried out the hazing that they are saying nothing to police. Most of their parents aren’t talking either. Now that is just ridiculous.

The seven teens ranged from 16 to 18 years old. They were all juniors at Inglemoor High School in Kenmore. The hazing was carried out by five recent graduates and members of the group that called themselves the “Naked Vikings.” The group was “not officially sanctioned by the school but was allowed to cheer at football and basketball games.” What is this, some kind of renegade pep club? Apparently the exclusive club that dresses up in crazy costumes is widely respected by students. So much so that they are willing to get the shit beat out of them to be amongst their ranks.


James Walvatnee, Sr. said his son, James Walvatnee, Jr., a junior at the school, was one of the underclassmen who was brutally beaten.
Walvatnee, Sr. said his son was burned with cigarettes and cigars, had urine thrown on him and as well as eggs, and got hit with a headless golf club and PVC pipe.

When police arrived they observed that some of the teens were dressed only in shorts. Others were bent over a log when deputies first found them and some of them had open wounds from being struck with switches and other items.

A few also appeared to be suffering from hypothermia so medical aid cars were called to the scene.

The Daily News reports the students were treated at the scene and released to their parents and “that they refused to cooperate in a police investigation at the time, and most parents are also staying quiet.”

The group has been banned from the school. Walvatnee’s parents are the only ones talking. This shocks me. I can’t imagine seeing this kind of brutality on my child’s body and not attempting to press some charges. I’m not surprised that the kids don’t want to talk – but their parents? Can’t they get any information out of their kids? Stories like this are why I am so terrified of parenting teenagers.

I understand that your child wanted to be in with the in crowd, but this is ridiculous. Someone needs to press charges. The eighteen-year-olds responsible for this brutality are dangerous. They need to be checked before they brutalize someone else. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’m scared of people who are capable of this type of behavior.

(photo: Roman Sigaev/ Shutterstock)