Awful Discovery In Teenager’s Bag When She Is Busted Shoplifting, Awful Media Publishes Her Name And Photos

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Fotor010188522I CAN’T EVEN.

Holy hell, I can’t even. This story is awful on so many levels. So, a 17-year-old girl, who is also the mother of a two-year-old, was stopped by security guards on suspicion of shoplifting at a Victoria’s Secret store while she was there with a friend. Who was also a minor. When security guards investigated her bag they found stolen items plus a dead fetus wrapped in clothes and a black bag. She was then taken to a hospital, where tests will be undergone to see if the fetus was alive when she gave birth to it. According to the NY Daily News, this CHILD had posted on her Facebook page the day before that she was experiencing bad cramps. A quote from the article reads:

“She goes to school. She does what she has to do. She’s no problem,” Ford said. “We grew up together. I’ve known her since she was little. She was probably nervous and didn’t know what to do. She would never hurt anyone.”

This story is obviously gruesome and awful. No matter if the fetus was alive or not. But the other thing that is gruesome and awful is that this 17-year-old child has also been named all over the press with HER picture and the picture of her two-year-old CHILD.

This kid is obviously struggling, obviously has some sort of mental issues, and is dealing with raising a child when she is basically a child herself and news outlets are posting her name and face for all of the world to see and this will help this girl HOW? I think this is disgusting. This girl needs help and support and medical attention. Not to become some gory story for the tabloids to clutch their pearls over. Yes, she was shoplifting, which is a crime but this just illustrates that she has ISSUES and obviously needs serious help.

Now what happens? She has to live for all eternity having her name associated with something awful that happened when she was a teenager? WHAT IF the fetus was a miscarriage and she just panicked and had some breakdown and tried to block it out before her shoplifting spree? What then? She gets extensive therapy and support in raising her child and maybe finishes school and tries to go to college and this comes up? We don’t know if she did something to terminate her pregnancy. We don’t know if it was all a horrible accident. But to be posting this kid’s info all over the world for it to remain forever and ever is some terrible crime in itself.

I think THAT’S disgusting. And no, I won’t be naming her or showing her photo here. I wish other media had done the same.

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