Teenage Boy Takes His 89-Year-Old Great Grandma To The Prom, Restores Collective Faith In Teenagers

teen takes great grandma to the promIt’s that time of year again. A time for limousine drivers and tacky dressmakers to rejoice and for high school students to make their first condom purchase. But for one Ohio resident, this year’s prom is a long time coming.¬†Delores Dennison¬†is headed to her very first prom, which wouldn’t be all that remarkable except for the fact that Delores is 89-years-old and going with her great-grandson. Cue those pesky onion cutting ninjas!

When her 19-year-old great-grandson (who calls her “Granny DD”),¬†Austin Dennison discovered that Delores had never attended a prom, he decided to make it happen for her. Austin is a senior at Parkway High School, in Rockford, Ohio, and he says that he was inspired by his government teacher who took their grandma to the prom years ago.

According to an interview with USA Today, Delores was touched but also a bit hesitant, but eventually agreed to go with Austin:

“He said, ‘Grandma, I want you to go to the prom with me,'” Delores Dennison told the Times Bulletin. “I had a bad heart attack and stroke. ‘I’m not that good on my feet,’ I told him.”

Even if the story ended here, I think we could all agree that Austin is an all around wonderful kid. But before the party, Austin bought Delores a beautiful pearl necklace (much better than this potential pre-prom gift) and used his guitar to serenade her. Excuse me while I SWOON (in a totally platonic way since he’s almost young enough to be my son). Austin also took his great grandma out to dinner and when the pair entered the prom, there was a standing ovation. Austin even made sure to have those ubiquitous prom photos taken, with adorable results.

teen takes great grandma to the prom close up photo

Towards the end of the evening the band played “I Love the Kisses of Delores,” which is the same song that her husband used to sing for Delores when he was alive. I hope Austin’s parents are very proud of him for being such an awesome kid. Parenting – you’re doing it right.

(Photos: Instagram)

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