A Teenage Boy Created a Princess Photoshoot for His Little Sister and I’m Melting

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Lots of little kids love to dress up like princes and princesses, but it’s not something many teenagers are known for enjoying. One lucky five year old in Ohio had her dream come true when she got a princess photoshoot for her birthday — and not only was it arranged by her 13-year-old brother, but he dressed up like a prince to join in the shoot. It’s so sweet I can barely handle it.

Photographer Christina Angel has seven children, but the bond between her 13-year-old Anthony and 5-year-old Belle is the closest. Her son struggles with depression, but the two children are close because of “the light that she bring to him when he finds himself in dark places,” Angel wrote on BoredPanda. The mom said that the idea for the princess photoshoot came about when Anthony saw a Prince Charming costume online. He asked his mom to buy it for him so he could dress up in a birthday photoshoot for his sister, who absolutely loves all things Disney Princess.

Angel and her son put together an incredibly detailed Prince Charming costume, including “white gloves and the black shoes that he shined himself the old fashioned way, with solid polish and an old rag.” The teenager chose a Snow White dress for his sister, and presented it to her the morning of the shoot. Their mom described the moment, “I can’t explain the joy on her face when her “favorite boy in the world” came into the room just before the photo shoot dressed as a prince, and gave her a brand new gown.” I bet there was a lot of squealing.

The photoshoot took place at a local garden that looks totally magical.

Of the shoot, Angel wrote, “The photo shoot was probably the most heart warming thing I’ve experienced as a mother. He carried her from one spot to the next so she didn’t trip on her dress, and she would giggle and hug him between every shot. She felt like a real princess, and her happiness is easy to see in her face in every photo.”

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Angel was especially moved by the effect her children have on each other.

“When you have a child who battles with themselves day after day, there is nothing you wouldn’t pay to see them smile. Belle brings that out in him. He gave her an incredible gift and in return she made him genuinely happy. That was a gift she gave in return to both Anthony and myself.”

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“Watching their bond as she grows melts my heart every day. I am so proud to be their mom, and beyond happy that I’m handy enough with a camera to keep these memories forever,” Angel said on Facebook. Anthony and Belle are going to LOVE these photos when they get older.

(Image: Facebook / Paint The Sky Photography)