Teen Threatens School Shooting, Says It’s Because Cheerleaders Won’t Send Him Nudes

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Conservatives Gather For Voter Values SummitAn Idaho teenager has been arrested for an act of pure heinousness this week after first allegedly sexually harassing his school’s entire cheerleading team, and then threatening a school shooting when they did not comply and provide him the sexual attention that the little misogynist thought he deserved.

According to RawStory, Highland High School in Idaho was put on lockdown after students reported that a freshman classmate was threatening to bring guns to school and “kill all the girls.” The unnamed student was apparently set off by an incident where he messaged every girl on the cheerleading team and asked them to send him nude photos. That is obviously absurd, gross, and inappropriate. When the girls did not comply, the boy reportedly then posted threats to Facebook and Twitter saying that since the girls didn’t like him–gee, wonder why–he was going to murder them all.

“Some kid who was having attention problems with specifically the cheerleaders, didn’t get nudes,” said Isaac Gomez, another student at the school. “He was asking for some inappropriate things.”

The boy allegedly laid out specific details about his plan of attack. He planned to enter the school, make his way through, shooting the women, and then kill himself in the school’s weight room. He was adamant about being taken seriously and said he had the weapons at hand.

“(I’m) serious I have a 12 gauge shotgun and a 9 mm pistol I will bring and start killing everyone,” one message reportedly said. “I also have hunting knives I can bring.”

The boy had allegedly also been harassing other students on Twitter, posting racist comments, and threatening the president.

In text messages, the boy reportedly laid out his plan of attack to a friend who tried to talk him down and said, “This? Over freaking nudes? Dude.” That friend allegedly reported the incident to authorities, and good for him. Reporting this threat might very well have just saved a lot of people’s lives. It’s not clear if the would-be shooter actually had the guns or not, but at this point I don’t think anyone has any reason to doubt a teenager in the U.S. who says he has access to firearms.

The boy was charged with one count of threatening violence at a school and one count of telephone harassment. Both charges are reportedly misdemeanors, and the most bewildering thing about this to me is that sexually harassing his classmates and threatening to murder women probably won’t stop this kid from being able to buy all the guns he wants in the future.

(Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)