The Teen Rape Epidemic Continues: Two Boys Allegedly Raped Another Teen Who Was Unconscious

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teen rape epidemic continues in auroa caseAnother day, another alleged teen rape. That’s how it is starting to feel. This time, In Aurora, where a teen who was drinking passed out and two other teens removed the victim’s clothing and raped them. My pronouns are purposefully non-descriptive because the statement is written in a way which conceals the gender of the victim. From


The victim, according to the statement, told police he or she had been drinking alcohol and, after passing out, was forcibly restrained by two suspects. One suspect forcibly removed the victim’s clothing, the document says, before both suspects raped the victim.

The victim knew the suspects, the statement says, and identified Carpenter and a second attacker to police. The second suspect, born in 1997, is referred to only as “HK” in the probable cause statement.

The suspects allegedly took the victim’s underwear after the rape. Two witnesses gave statements to the sheriff’s department saying that Carpenter was in possession of the victim’s underwear after the rape.


One teen is jailed on a $100,000 bond.

I have asked parents to start speaking to their kids about rape and rape culture and the differences between consensual sex and rape, probably about a hundred times by now. I know a lot of you have done just that, and you find these stories as troubling and urgent as I do. I’m not entirely sure how we can stop this, but as I have suggested before, we are pretty much at the point where we need radical steps taken to insure this stops happening. I’m not naive, I know that people have been raped since the dawn of time, and on a minute-by-minute basis rapes are occuring everywhere all over the world. But other than donate money, the only thing I can do is take care of my corner of the world which includes raising my own kids, who live in America, not to be rapists and how to be a good friend to their peers, one who helps those in trouble and who alerts an adult if they are ever in a situation where someone is in danger, and who doesn’t participate in rape culture or degrading language or actions towards others.

I’m so sad, and sick and frustrated.

Little is known about the new Aurora case at present but it’s the same sad old story we have heard so many times over the last months, stories about Jane, about Rehtaeh, about Audrie, girls who allegedly snuck out of their homes, who went to parties with their friends and peers, who drank too much or had alcohol forced down their throats , who ended up raped.

This needs to end.

(Photo: News Ledger)