Teen Mom 2‘s Jade Cline Receives Eviction Notice For Unpaid Rent

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Jade Cline‘s eviction notice is the cherry on top of a rough week for the Teen Mom 2 star. RadarOnline has learned that Jade and her ex-boyfriend have been sued for $2089.60 in unpaid rent, with a hearing set for January 7, 2020.

The pair were ordered to vacate the premises by October 25, but Jade’s social media hasn’t given any hints as to where the mother of one has gone to weather this legal storm. Only a few hours after news of her eviction broke, Jade received backlash over an Instagram giveaway for adult toys, earning unfavorable comparisons to Farrah Abraham, one of the original Teen Mom stars who has stayed in the spotlight due to a combination of attention-grabbing stints on other reality television shows and a foray into adult films.

Topping off Jade’s trifecta of bad news, Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom revealed that her mother, Christy Smith, and step-father were arrested for drug possession earlier this year. Christy called Jade begging for $500 in bail money, which Jade didn’t have, inciting panic. This makes Jade’s inability to pay the $995 monthly rent on her home even sadder, as the Teen Mom 2 star’s new position on the show apparently hasn’t helped with her financial stressors.

Jade previously shared her home with ex-boyfriend Sean Austin, the father of her only daughter, Kloie. Brought on to replace Jenelle Evans (who’s been having a rough week herself), Teen Mom 2 fans will remember Jade’s home as the location of her final confrontation with Sean where Jade accused Sean of abusing drugs and harboring himself in the home with a gun. Jade attempted to have local police escort her family and herself as she moved out of the property, but law enforcement told Jade to leave the premises without her belongings. The show has shown that Jade is refusing to let Sean see their daughter following the incident, and it’s likely that Sean was the sole inhabitant of their former home at the time of Jade Cline’s eviction notice.

As the old adage goes, bad luck comes in threes, so hopefully today marks the end of Jade’s public misfortunes. Although, if Jade is anything like her Teen Mom co-stars, there’s way more drama to come.