Terrifying News: Teen Lesbian Couple Found Shot In The Head In Texas Park

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teen murderIn a terrifying scene straight out of a horror film, two teenage girls were found in a Texas park with gunshot wounds to the head. One of the girls, 19-year-old  Mollie Judith Olgin, died from her injuries, while Mary Christine Chapa, 18, is in serious but stable condition following surgery. The girls were reportedly a couple, which makes the case all the more horrifying because you can’t help but wonder if their sexuality played a role.

Police, of course, are looking into the possibility as they continue to search for the assailants. They say the girls were likely targeted by the shooter. Meanwhile, friends spoke with and said the girls had been together for five months and had never attracted any type of negative attention in the small town in Portland (the last homicide occurred in 2010).

According to reports, park visitors discovered the bodies in a grassy area in Violet Andrews Park. Portland Police Chief Randy Wright describes it as “a scenic overlook with a wooden deck,” adding that the girls were found in a grassy area that leads down to the shoreline.

It’s just a terrible story, and our hearts go out to these girls’ family and friends. I know it’ll make all parents hug their children that much tighter. Of course, any type of murder is hard to process, but knowing these victims were mere teenagers – girls with their entire lives ahead of them – makes it that much more difficult to hear.

(Photo: NBC News)