I Can’t Imagine How The Moms Of These Teen Girls Who Microwaved A Kitten Feel

Teen Girls Charged With Animal Cruelty After Microwaving KittenTwo 15-year-old girls from Maine are facing charges of animal cruelty after they uploaded a video that showed them placing a kitten in a microwave and turning it on. The kitten (shown at left), who was in the microwave for about ten seconds, is now fine, has been named “Miracle” and will be ready to be adopted out to a new family soon after it was turned over to the Animal Rescue League. From The Boston Herald:

Two teenage girls are facing Animal Cruelty charges for placing a cat in a microwave.  In the video posted on Twitter, you see them start the microwave, however it’s unclear for how long the kitten was in it.  The kitten survived and police say it appears to be doing well.

South Portland Police summonsed the two fifteen year old girls in the video on Monday.  The owners of the kitten agreed to hand it over to South Portland’s Animal Control Officer who brought it to the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook.

“The vet will do a complete checkup, but she’s eating normally seems to be in fine shape,” said Lynne McGee of the Animal Refuge League.

Kids do dumb things all the time.  Any parent of a teenager can tell you that. But this isn’t “dumb.” This is some sort of hardcore psychopathic behavior not just exhibited by one kid, but by two of them who were laughing during the making of the video. How does a parent deal with that? How do you even look your at your kid after they have done something like this? Maybe it was just a stupid prank, and I’m sure the parents still love their daughters, but I would be losing so much sleep over where I went wrong as a parent. I’m sorry, but I will get so sanctimommy on this. I have raised four kids and all of them love animals. My own daughter comes to me in tears if she sees a commercial for a rescue league on television because she wants to SAVE all the animals. Don’t most kids feel like this? Especially when they are confronted with a young animal, a puppy or a kitten. I hope the girls are punished and they are never allowed to be around animals again. I hope they feel utterly bereft over what they have done. This whole thing just makes me sick.

(Image: animal rescue league of portland)

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