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Mom Overshares About Her Sex Life on Facebook, Thoroughly Mortifies Teen Daughter in the Process

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The second picture is of Kim holding a tambourine. The caption says, “The tambourine girl.”

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Image: Twitter/KaleyKurzhals

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Image: PopKey

Kaley tweeted out the hilarious pictures, and people had all the love for Kim.

But Kim (who’s also on Twitter because her cool mom cred knows no bounds) had the best reply of all.

And THAT is how you respond to going viral.

This isn’t Kim’s first foray into viral internet fame. Last year, Kaley tweeted a video of Kim taking a bit of a spill that racked up quite a few hearts on Twitter.


Kim, like the G she is, took that in stride, too.


We seriously love Kim. And we love the relationship Kim and Kaley seem to have! We hope to be this cool with our teens when the time comes. Embarrassing social media practices and all.

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(Image: Twitter/KaleyKurzhals)

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