Teen Battling School Board So Her ‘Old’ Boyfriend Can Go To Prom

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Teen battles school board to take older boyfriend to promUgh, seriously? No one wants this old dude at the prom. He needs to just stay home and play Halo while the rest of the kids enjoy the dance. Old dudes, am I right? But this guy, Ethan Gleason isn’t actually old at all at the ripe age of 22 years, it’s just that compared to kids in their teens, that age feels pretty damn old. But whatever, because Torrington High’s Schools 18-year-old honor student Mikayla Perlotto is going to fight the good fight, because she wants her boyfriend to be able to take her to prom. Torrington High School has a policy that no one over 20 is allowed at the prom, but Mikayla took to Facebook and asked for help in convincing the school board to change their minds:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 7.51.46 AMThis was after Mikayla wrote a 229 word screed bitching about the whole situation:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 7.54.39 AM

School board chairman Ken Traub said the following regarding the situation in a report by the Register Citizen:

“You’re putting age groups together that are way too different,” he said. “I know there’s going to be 15-year-olds there.”


Mikayla’s mom has her own opinions:

“We don’t just let our daughter date anybody,” she said. “But he’s been over at for dinner, to family functions, to Easter brunch. He’s part of our family. I see the way he talks to her, opening doors for her, He’s caring; he’s considerate.”

And Ethan had this to say:

For his part, Gleason, a college student at Branford Hall Career Institute in Southington, said he rarely drinks and wouldn’t risk his future for somebody’s few minutes of fun. He said he is willing to meet with Baim to address concerns and would even allow chaperones at the prom to sweep his car or administer a Breathalyzer test at the door.

“How would I supply a whole school of minors with that?” he said. “It’s not possible. I’m not going to jeopardize myself for some kid who wants to manipulate the system.”


And he does have a point because he would need some pretty big prom pants in order to bring in enough flasks to get everyone at the dance trashed.

teen battles school board to take older boyfriend to prom

One part of me thinks this is just a silly rule and they should meet with Ethan, he seems like a good kid and let them go and have their prom fun, but another part of me thinks that rules are rules and too bad so sad, maybe Mikayla should just go with her friends and realize that life isn’t fair and that maybe she should have dated a dude her own age if prom was so important to her. My old boyfriend wasn’t allowed to attend prom with me, so I went with a nice gentlemen my own age while my older boyfriend got high or did shots or whatever he did. It didn’t kill me.

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