Alleged Soda Stealer Endures Public Shame Upon Getting Arm Stuck In Vending Machine

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soda machineLet’s hope this 17-year-old kid of National City learned something from his long stand off with a soda vending machine. The California Sweetwater High School student was reportedly discovered at around 5 am by passersby as he sat next to his skateboard, arm jammed up the machine. They then called the authorities, which resulted in a team of fireman axing the soda machine to no avail. Efforts with crowbars and air chisels also proved to be futile. After about an hour later, a rotary saw was produced which finally let the kid go free.

Cop were reportedly right there waiting when the teen was released from the scene, his arm a bit scratched but otherwise fine.

Michael LaFreniere of the National City Fire Department told the press that throughout all the strum und drang, not one person possessed a key to this soda machine — and so there was a mechanic casualty of one. No word yet on whether the teen will be served with petty theft charges following the ordeal. But the public embarrassment followed by ample press might serve as punishment enough.

(photo: Rob Wilson/ Shutterstock)