Teen Accidentally Charges $733 at Sephora on Her Mom’s Credit Card

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Ladies, do not save your credit card information to your daughters’ Sephora accounts, because that way lies terror and drama for everyone, especially 15-year-old makeup fan Alex Dello from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, because the teen accidentally charged $733 worth of makeup to her mom’s credit card.

Dello said that she has a Sephora shopping cart full of all the random things she wants. That’s not uncommon. Most people probably have abandoned items in online shopping carts all over the Internet. We just put the items in, then think better of it and leave, or plan to come back someday when we win the lottery. Dello, though, accidentally bought all of hers.

“Every girl in the world who is a makeup hoarder has this Sephora basket filled with things they don’t necessarily need,” she explained. “Just, like, palettes and stuff that they want. So yeah, I have a Sephora basket of things that I want. $733 worth of things that I want.”

Dello also had a Sephora gift card that she wanted to see if it had any money left on it, so she entered the code and PIN in the payment slot on the site to see if there was any money to use. There was not, but Dello’s mother’s card info had been saved in the account, so when the card was empty, the order was accidentally put through and the whole $733 shopping cart was charged to Dello’s mother’s card.

Dello tried to cancel the order, but because she was not the card owner she said customer service couldn’t help her, so she had to text her mother and tell her about the mistake.

“I texted my mother and now we wait for either my death or a really good makeup haul,” Dello said in her video.

“Okay, I was on Sephora and ur card’s set up and I clicked check out on accident because I was trying to see how much was on this old gift card… soooo ur going ton eed to cancel that order. don’t kill mee,” she texted her mother, who was at work.

One notes that Dello did not tell her mother exactly how much had been charged to the card, but any parent knows that means the number must be very big indeed.

Dello’s mother told BuzzFeed that she knows about her daughter’s makeup obsession, and when she got the text she knew it must have been a huge order.

In a pretty surprising turn of events, Dello’s mother said, “Merry Christmas, you’re not getting anything else.”

That’s pretty amazingly generous.  $733 worth of makeup is an unbelievable Christmas present for a 15-year-old! Especially since Sephora is insanely good about accepting returns for basically any reason, and all that stuff could have been taken right back to the store for a refund.

Man, Dello got off really easy! Now she has $733 worth of makeup and more than 39,000 Twitter followers, and she didn’t even really get in trouble.