What You Might Have Missed From Netflix’s Ted Bundy Doc, Plus Some Stuff They Left Out

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Ted Bundy also has a daughter, although the details of how she was conceived are murky.

Despite his being incarcerated in death row, Bundy and wife Carole Ann Boone managed to conceive a child sometime in early 1981. In the documentary, Boone describes how they consummated their marriage, saying, “We kept looking out the window. There was a black guard who was real nice. After the first day, they just, they didn’t care. They walked in on us a couple of times”. Conjugal visits were prohibited for death row inmates, but Boone and Bundy often met up in the prison park. In 1981, a prison superintendent said, “I’m not saying they couldn’t have some sexual contact, but in that park it would be mightly difficult. It’s stopped as soon as it starts.” Rose (or Rosa) Bundy was born October 1981, but very little it known about her or her whereabouts now.

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