8 Life-Changing Tech Products Every New Mom Needs

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Amazon Echo


Image: Amazon

New moms have a lot on their plate and it often means not having enough hands for all the things. Add in healing from labor and birth, lack of sleep, probably a dash of dehydration and that’s a recipe for forgetfulness and brain fog. For people who are used to having their ducks in a line and running the house and having shit there when you need it, it can be stressful to suddenly be without and feel really lost.

That’s why the Amazon Echo is a must have tech product for new moms because it’s kind of like your little helper. You can shout at it to add things to your grocery list, order more diapers straight from Amazon, and will sing you some calming music when you need a little goosfraba.

For more information, check out Amazon Echo, $49.99.

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