8 Life-Changing Tech Products Every New Mom Needs

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Nest Video Doorbell


Image: Nest

For some reason, when you have a new baby people don’t get the memo that mama is now busy and probably doesn’t have her shirt on a lot of the time. New babies require a lot of attention and that means you’re not paying much attention to what you’re wearing. It’s not until you answer the door, half asleep, and see the surprised look on the delivery person’s face that you look down and realize your chapped nipple is not covered by your open nursing bra. This is a scene that happens to a lot of new moms because we’re pulled in all sorts of directions, DGAF, and need sleep.

But, that’s why the Nest Video Doorbell is a must-have mom tech product because you can see who is at the door through an app on your phone, talk to them through the app on your phone and tell the delivery person they can leave the Amazon Prime package of Tucks wipes at the door. Or you can give them a heads up that you’re putting pants on real quick and to not run away. Life-changing.

For more information, check out Nest, $378.

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