Teachers Who Partied And Had Sex With Students Don’t Have The Judgment Required To Mold Young Minds‏

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Another day, another story of teachers having sex with their students. Two California teachers were arrested in the wake of allegations that they both had sex with students during alcohol-fueled, beach outings not sponsored by the school. Thinking of teachers planning drunken parties with their students makes me sick. I can’t imagine what made them decide this was a brilliant idea but as a parent, it is deeply concerning.

From NBC Los Angeles:

Melody Lippert, 38, and Michelle Ghirelli, 30, were arrested Saturday on suspicion of having sex with students at their school, South Hills High, during trips to the beach where they brought alcohol for the students, Orange County Sheriff’s investigators said Saturday.

The first of the trips to the beach took place in November, investigators said, when a group of male students accompanied Lippert to San Clemente State Beach, where she provided alcohol to the group and had sex with one of them, investigators allege.

Weeks later, Lippert brought Ghirelli on a second trip to the beach, where both allegedly had sex with students during an overnight stay, police said.

Obviously, there is a lot wrong here but let’s start with the fact that not just one, but two teachers did this. Together. Actual discussions must have taken place involving one educator telling another about her sexual exploits with STUDENTS and the other thinking it sounds like a grand old time and accompanying her weeks later. What in the actual fuck is going on here? The idea of two teachers in cahoots with each other, plotting to violate their students and ply them with alcohol is sickening. Lippert was charged with conspiracy and contributing to the delinquency of a minor but the student she had sex with is believed to be over 18, so she dodged a bullet there. Good Lord. Ghirelli, however, was charged with having sex with a minor. Are you heaving yet?

Of course this story is crazy enough on it’s own but here’s a little tidbit to make it even worse- this was not the only teacher-student sex scandal at South Hills High this week:

It’s the second sex-related allegation involved at West Covina’s South Hills High School in a week. Anthony Vidales, a 29-year-old part-time girls’ wrestling coach, was arrested on Jan. 7 for allegedly having inappropriate contact with a 17-year-old student at South Hills, police announced on Tuesday, Jan. 13.

How?? How are there multiple teacher-student sex charges at the same school in one week? The parents must feel stupendous about sending their kids there now. I’m sure the administration must be losing their minds but I am glad these incidents are at least being reported and not shoved under the rug. I have to wonder about the culture at this school that teachers seem so intent on sleeping with their students. It is pretty baffling.

Of course, any time an adult takes advantage of a minor it is disturbing and cause for serious consequences. However, it takes on a special brand of awful when the perpetrator is an educator. Students and their parents should be able to trust teachers- they are in a position of power and for them to take advantage of that power is shameful. It seems we are hearing about these stories more and more lately and I don’t know why. I would like to think that in the internet age, it’s simply more difficult to get away with it. Not that there is a sudden increase in teachers violating their students. Either way, I wish this disgusting “trend” would go away. I hate the idea of sending my kids to school as they get older and having to wonder whether their teachers are anyone I would need to worry about. It’s such a terrifying thought.

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