Teachers In England Tell Bullied Kids To ‘Act Less Gay’

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Being bullied in school? No problem, according to teachers in Essex who told children who were bullied about their sexuality to just “act less gay” to avoid predatory kids.

Such nonsensical advice was found in a report entitled “Ant-Bullying Work” which gathered information from 250 pupils and teachers. London Evening Standard reports that children’s appearance came up quite often when teachers tried to advise in situations regarding sexuality:

The author of the report, Julie Keating, stated there was “anecdotal evidence of students being told to act less gay or to wear their hair differently as teachers felt they were making themselves a target for bullies.”

The notion that anyone “makes themselves a target” for any type of abuse, bullying, or assault is an outrageous myth that gives others a free pass for their intolerant behavior, while placing further blame on the victims. The fact this advice came out of the mouths of teachers, instructors, people designated to be a source of support for children is beyond sickening and disappointing.

But mentalities like these aren’t just designated to field reports, as in the death of 14-year-old Lawerence King who was shot by a fellow classmate, lawyers made the assertion that King “made” himself an easy victim by dressing flamboyantly and wearing girls’ accessories. This type reaction to queer children needs to be obliterated. For the safety of all students, teachers need to be better trained on how to intervene in instances of bullying and not just chalk severe gay-bashing up to kids simply being kids. Tolerance needs to be instilled young and by compassionate adults who aren’t afraid to draw the line on homophobic behavior.

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