Idiot Teacher’s Plan To Use Special Ed Student As Bait To Catch Sexual Predator Goes Horribly Wrong, OBVIOUSLY

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student used as baitA 14-year-old special education student’s family is suing their school district after an incident in 2010 when a teacher’s aide convinced their daughter to act as bait for a fellow student who was known to be a sexual predator. This gangbusters idea went wrong, however, when the girl was then raped by this student in the school bathroom. So…mission accomplished, I guess.

Administrators at Sparkman Middle School in Alabama were aware of the fact that the student in question had a history of sexual misconduct. Days before this particular incident, he had been accused of trying to get female students to have sex with him in the boys bathroom in the special needs corridor, and that he had in fact had sex with one student. The boy was given an “in-school suspension” but nothing further could be done because he had not been caught in the act. Because, I guess, this boy had to be caught with his penis inside another child before anything more serious could be done? Holy shit. Great. At this point, teachers were advised to monitor the boy constantly.

The 14-year-old was repeatedly approached by the student for sex and told him no each time. She told this to June Simpson, a teacher’s aide, who suddenly decided she was Perry Mason and came up with a plan. She asked the student to agree to meet him in the bathroom for sex, and then teachers would wait near the bathroom ready to spring into action. It’s brilliant in it’s total disregard for safety and morality.

Simpson told one of the school’s vice-principals, Jeanne Dunaway, about her 21 Jump Street-esque plan. According to CNN, the lawsuit says the Dunaway,”did not respond with any advice or directive.” I guess she just thanked Simpson for sharing and offered her a cookie. Who the hell knows, because anything other than slapping that teacher across the face and saying, “Are you out of your goddamn mind?!” doesn’t make any sense.

Well, sometimes speechlessly stupid plans don’t work out the way they were meant to. The boy asked the girl to meet him in the sixth-grade bathroom instead of the special needs bathroom. There were no teachers waiting there, and he anally raped the girl.

But wait! It just keeps getting worse.

The police were called, a rape kit was taken, and this poor girl shut down completely and refused to talk about the rape. The district attorney felt that they couldn’t move forward without her, and the case was dropped. Vice-Principal Dunaway, for her part, testified that “the girl was responsible for herself once she entered the bathroom, according the brief,” and that she could not be certain that the girl didn’t consent.

Wow. WOW.

The boy was punished officially for “inappropriate touching of a female in a boy’s bathroom” and suspended for five days. (I know. Just you wait.) He was then sent to an alternative school but allowed to return to Sparkman twenty days later. As for the victim, she was taken out of the school and given counseling. Eventually, she moved to North Carolina to live with her mother, who then died, and the girl was then placed into Child Protective Services. So I think its fair to say that these people destroyed this girl’s life pretty efficiently. Speaking of them, Simpson resigned after the incident and Dunaway is now a Vice-Principal at a different school.

The girl’s father filed a lawsuit that same year that ended up going nowhere because the boy was a minor, and judge dismissed the federal charges. Well, It’s taken four years, but the shit has finally hit the fan. The Department of Justice and the Department of Education filed a brief last Wednesday to support her family’s lawsuit against the school district.They are now fighting to get a jury trial.

Also, there’s this little tidbit:

The boy had been involved in 15 violent or sex-related proven incidents of misconduct before the alleged rape, according to the brief. Federal attorneys say details about the severity of the incidents are unavailable because school administrators shredded the boy’s disciplinary files.

Jesus! We’ve gone from Perry Mason to Watergate. But at least a lesson was learned in the end:

“My client has gone from being a teacher’s aide to being a scapegoat,” said Simpson’s attorney.

When asked why his client thought it was a good idea to use a special needs teen as bait to catch a suspected attacker, Besler told CNN, “I don’t personally think it is a good idea. The events of this case have shown us that it was not.”

Yeah. I mean, if Simpson had known that using her student as bait for a potential rapist was a bad idea, she certainly would never have done it. I hope all these idiots get taken down. Hard.

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