Potty-Mouth Teacher Has Her F-Bomb Tirade Go Viral After She Argues With Student

tumblr teacherTeachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world. They work long hours, have to deal with all of our bratty kids, and aren’t compensated fairly for the amount of work they do. Couple this with a teacher who was all ready having a bad day due to medical issues and work-related stress and it sort of makes sense why this teacher went on a swear-ridden tirade at one of her students, after they had an argument about the correct use of “African-American.” First, you can listen to her F-bombs here, and yeah, NSFW.

So what caused this teacher to go off like that? According to The Daily Breeze, the teacher, who works at Narbonne High in Harbor City, was being heckled by a student in her 12th grade class over the correct use of the description “African-American.” The teacher said it isn’t always a correct term to use, and that ”You’re an American first,” she added that her forebears were Italian, and she doesn’t refer to herself as Italian-American.” “I was trying to explain the difference between race and ethnicity, and this girl kept poking the bear,” she said. The teacher also explained that  she was in physical pain and shortly after her verbal outburst had to have an appendectomy.

This whole incident, especially because we weren’t there and don’t know all the details, has me torn between a couple of points. I think the student should poke that bear! Poke that bear all day long! Question everything, let your voice be heard, argue things you don’t agree with. However, part of me thinks that most students are terribly disrespectful and she should have sat down and shut up and let the teacher make her point. I wish we could hear the entire discussion that was had. I do think the teacher shouldn’t curse like that in front of her students, teachers should set a good example and the only people allowed to go off like that on kids are the people who brought them into this world.

It was against school policy for the young lady to have her cell phone on in class and record her teacher, and according to the news article the teacher brought the recording to another teacher who was having issues with the swearing teacher and that teacher encouraged the student to spread it around. So there’s that element to the story too.

The Swearing McSweary-pants teacher has apologized and has been placed on paid leave while Los Angeles Unified School District administrators investigate.

(Image: Tumblr)

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