Teacher Of The Year? Woman Arrested For Sexting Special Ed Student

If you’re considering “sexting,” by which I mean sending sexually explicit text or images to someone via social media, you had better be an adolescent who doesn’t know better. If you’re an adult and considering “sexting,” you should now know that your secrets aren’t even safe with a porn star. But what can be said about people who sext with adolescents? It takes a special breed of idiocy and perviness, right?

Well, a 40-year-old teacher in a Philadelphia suburb has been arrested for engaging in sexually explicit conversations and sexting with one of her female charges. Cheryl Bremble (pictured) has been charged with child endangerment. The student’s father notified police that the teacher was buying his daughter expensive clothing. Police discovered that the teacher was sexting and had encouraged the student to use a sex toy she’d given her.

I’m not one of those parents who assumes a predator is around every corner, but the details of this case are somewhat disconcerting. This woman had been a reading teacher in the high school’s learning support program for over a decade and had worked in another school district prior to that. She was married and divorced only in the last few weeks and has two young children herself.

The New York Daily News says the teacher identifies as bisexual. To which bisexuals responded: Sorry, Cheryl, this one’s all on you.

I can’t imagine how upset I’d be if I found out that a teacher — or any other authority figure — was engaged in sexual activity with my children. Let’s hope that her children are taken care of, that she can be effectively punished and receive the help she so clearly needs.

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