Awful Teacher Locked Kid In Closet For ‘Playing Too Much’ – Then Went Home Sick For The Day

promo214096977.jpg?w=415Let’s do that thing where you guys tell me all the reasons why homeschooling is so great  because stories like these make me never want to put my own kid on that big yellow bus again. A teacher in Memphis, Tennessee locked a FIVE-YEAR-OLD (Not that this would be OK with a kid of any age, but five? I have ketchup that is older than five-years-old!) in a closet because according to the little girl, she was “playing too much.” Then the teacher left school because she was feeling sick, and didn’t bother telling anyone the little girl was still locked in the closet. The child, Akeelah Joseph was discovered by the substitute who discovered the little girl shivering and complaining of being cold.

The teacher, Kristin Ohsfeldt, has been suspended.

Now, I don’t know if you guys think of this, but do you know what I think of when I think of someone locking someone in a closet?

The worst part about this is that little Akeelah is also asthmatic, so what would have happened if she was locked away and had a life-threatening asthma attack?

The other worst part about all of this? It may not have been the first time. from WREG:


”I was playing too much,” said Akeelah. ”I almost peed on myself if I didn’t make it the bathroom.”

The principal and mother filed a police report. It states other students told police ”that this isn’t the first time that [their teacher] has done this.”


And the other other other worst part about this? Now Akeelah is afraid to go back to school.

I’m sure teaching is extremely difficult and trying at times. I think it must be the hardest and most important job in the world. But if you think that locking a child in a closet is the correct form of discipline for any child, than you should probably find a new career path. Like never being allowed to work with children again.

(Image: wreg)

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