There’s No Good Explanation For Why A Teacher Made A Child Unclog A Urinal With His Hands


People, I don’t even know what to do with the world these days. I really don’t. Case in point: A teacher in Florida was arrested after she made a ten-year-old boy, one of her students, unclog a urinal with his bare hands. Yup. Yes. Yeah.

Jennifer Forshey, who taught at Broward Community Charter School, allegedly accused the little boy of stuffing the urinal with paper towels. She then forced him to remove the paper towels with his bare hands. Coral Springs, Fl. Sgt. Carla Kmiotek said:

“He tried to remove the urine-soaked paper towels and it got all on his hands. He wanted to wash his hands but there was no soap in the bathroom.”

This poor little boy told his mom, who reported Forshey to the school, although Fox News says that the school first learned about it when the boy was walking around the school looking for soap.  A few days later, his mom reported the incident to Coral Springs police. Forshey was arrested and apparently admitted that she did not give the boy gloves or anything else with which to remove the urine-soaked towels. She has since been released on bond.

How do people like Forshey get in the school system? More importantly, how and why was a female teacher with a minor student in a bathroom that is presumably for boys? Why did she think this student put paper towels in the urinal? Why would she even CARE if he had or not? And why in the WORLD would she ever think it was appropriate to ask a child, in a school setting, to touch bodily fluids? Especially as a punishment?

There are some sick fucks in the world. Yes, there are. Good god. I hope Forney is fired faster than you can say  “soap,” or “pee” or “lawsuit.” The school has yet to comment on the incident, but Forney will still face charges for child battery.

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