High School Teacher With Zero Judgment Fired For Pulling Out Penis In Class

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shutterstock_59578786__1384967245_142.196.156.251A Florida math teacher was fired for pulling out a carving of a wooden penis and testicles that was left on campus as part of a senior prank in 2009. For some reason she acquired the thing and stashed it in a drawer in her classroom.

Jeanne Michaud told a school district investigator she thought the prank was “humorous” and out of “pure stupidity on my part” took one of the carvings and stashed it in a closet in her classroom. Taking it was totally immature, but I can see how it may be funny to show some friends or something. Nothing like a carved dick and balls to liven up a dinner party! Bringing it out in front her students was pure stupidity and really creepy.

Some parents are really upset at the district’s decision to terminate Michaud. From The Orlando Sentinel:

Jeanne Michaud was a talented math teacher who made advanced courses understandable — and even fun — and was available to Lyman High students who needed extra help, parents say.

But she also was sarcastic, condescending and profane with students, Seminole County school administrators say. Records show she has a nearly 30-year history of disciplinary problems, including a one-year suspension.

Although beloved by some parents, Michaud has a history of discipline problems:

Regardless, Michaud’s personnel file shows she has a very lengthy track record of disciplinary problems, including allegations of providing alcohol to minors, calling students names like “moron,” “retarded,” and “rude heifer,” and routinely using foul language in the classroom, the Sentinel reports.

Some parents liked her unorthodox approach to teaching her students. One was quoted as saying, “”I learned to appreciate her and I allowed her to rattle my child sometimes … and hold his feet to the fire.” I understand that sometimes charismatic personalities attract kids – and may be able to get through to them. But name calling and furnishing alcohol to kids? Why did this woman still have a job?

I can appreciate low-brow humor as much as anyone else – but pulling out a makeshift penis in front of a classroom full of teenagers in math class? No. If your judgment is that bad, you should not be molding young minds – no matter how great you are at getting students interested in algebra.

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