Teacher Arrested For Using iPhone To Take Photos Up Woman’s Skirt

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A Chicago teacher has been arrested for allegedly using his iPhone to take photos underneath a woman’s skirt at an outdoor festival on Sunday. Yeah, you read that right. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Jeremy Lee – a 35-year-old art and shop teacher at Francis W. Parker School in Lincoln Park – was busy being a perv during the city’s annual Renegade Craft Fair.

Lee reportedly used an umbrella to disguise what he was doing. He has since been charged with a misdemeanor count of video recording a person’s body without their consent.

I guess these instances of teachers gone bad are nothing new, though it seems I’ve been hearing a lot more of them lately. Just last week, for instance, we reported on the Texas daycare owner who allegedly drugged her students’ milk with antihistamine so that they’d be sure to fall asleep during nap time. And in June, there was the case of Cherly Bremble, a 40-year-old Philadelphia teacher who was arrested for sexting with one of her female students.

It’s enough to drive any parent mad, though the reality is that for every lousy teacher like Lee and Bremble there are countless others who work so hard to help shape and influence our children in the best way possible. I’m going to remind myself that this was an isolated incident when I drop my first-grader off at school tomorrow.

(Photo: Piotr Marcinski)