A Grade School Teacher Threw This Raging Banger For High School Kids Including Lots Of Vomit

shutterstock_85030033And it happened in Florida! So not only do we get to be terrified and dismayed over that whole awful sinkhole situation, we also get to be freaked out by this teacher who we can all be glad isn’t educating our kids. Unless, of course, she is, and in which case I am sorry. So, cops were called on a 43-year-old second grade teacher over noise coming from her place. The home belonged to Antonia Marino of Clermont, Florida. Cops showed up, and according to The Daily Mail:

Authorities arrived on the scene and found dozens of youngsters throwing beer bottles up and down the streets of Marino’s neighborhood, as well as inside her home.

Marino at first refused to allow deputies into her home and told them she wasn’t responsible for the party.

She told deputies that she came home to find 40 to 50 people at her daughter’s party and had tried to throw them out. 

But teens told police that Marino had been present at the home during the entire party and that she didn’t attempt to stop the minors from drinking alcohol.

HA! She got busted by those teens that she bought the booze for! That will teach you to be friends with teenagers, mom! They also found a 15-year-old girl covered in vomit, passed out in a closet.

Marino was arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors, having an open house party and resisting arrest without violence.


Ugh! I hate teenagers! Why would anyone want to “party” with them? This just sounds like one of those cases where the mom wanted to be the “cool” mom and party with the youngsters and blech. I cannot think of anything I would want to do less than deal with a mess of drunk, noisy, pukey teenagers drinking all of my booze and vomiting in my closet. This is why I’m so not the “cool” mom. I sort of feel bad for her because you know this was so not worth going to jail and getting a ton of fines and losing your job over, because she probably had to listen to really bad music and teenagers talk about their feelings and gyrate all over each other. And um, not to mention the fact she was endangering lives and if one of those drunk kids got into a car and hurt themselves or someone else. And also, vomit.

(photo: Kzenon/shutterstock)

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