Get A Grip Parents, All Teachers Probably Talk About Your Kids Behind Their Backs

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shutterstock_148786529__1401737060_142.196.167.223There is one pretty universal thing that anyone who has a job does – complain about it. No matter how much you like your job or the people you work for or with – you will undoubtedly bitch about it occasionally. It’s what everyone does. The trick is – don’t get caught. A kindergarten teacher in Ohio is learning this lesson the hard way, after some remarks she made about one of her students were overheard by his mother. Oops.

The teacher called the student’s mother and left her a message. She accidentally did not hang up the phone before she started complaining to one of her colleagues about the child. The mom heard the whole thing:

“He has no common sense,” stated the teacher on the recording. “He was seven in May and he’s the biggest baby in my group. She still probably wipes his butt.”

That little gem was included at the tail end of the message she left on the mom’s cell phone. Epic fail.

Of course the mother is pissed. She insists her son hasn’t been performing well in school and now she has this teacher to blame. While I don’t think it’s nice for teachers to say mean things about seven-year-olds – I do understand that it probably happens. Everyone bitches about their job. She’s a human being. You should have heard some of the things we used to say about customers in the restaurant when I was in food service. I’m sure everyone who works with anyone has complained or said something out-of-line behind their backs at one time or another. This woman just got caught.

The teacher and school have apologized to the mother, but she’s not accepting it. I get it; I would be pissed if I heard a teacher saying something like that about my son. I would probably transfer him to another classroom because I wouldn’t feel comfortable with him being around a teacher who felt that way about him. But his mother went as far as enrolling him in another school and has requested a face-to-face meeting with school administrators. That’s going overboard, in my opinion.

Not everyone is going to love your child as much as you do. This woman is entitled to her opinion, she was just really careless about expressing it. And yes, she’s a jerk for talking about a seven-year-old like that, but I doubt she’s the first teacher to ever complain to a colleague about a student. I’m assuming she was talking to a confidante and thought those words would die in that room. I’m sure she’s learned her lesson now.

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