DudeBro And His Victim-Blaming Friends Don’t Like Me Writing About Rape Culture

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Tarpon spring victim blaming rape culture

Last week, I reported on the alleged rape case in Tarpon Springs, Florida concerning flagrant social media victim-blaming. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of hearing from Dylan Fanelli, a resident of Tarpon Springs, who emailed me to explain that he had also once been accused of rape. He wasn’t too pleased with what I had written about members of his community and I chose to respond to his mansplaining with a follow up post about rape culture.

Not only have I since heard from Dylan and his pals, but I have also heard from many other people who reside in the area — or who used to live there — and are happy that someone wrote about rape culture in Tarpon Springs.

Here’s what our initial DudeBro has to say (all these quotes are sic, by the way, and unedited):

On Monday, April 22, 2013, Dylan wrote:

do you feel better about yourself now taking tweets off my twitter which i almost never use anymore and posting them, yes i was an asshole in high school fine. people grow up like i already said. since your as stupid as i thought i want to kindly ask you to pull that article down in the next few days before i decide to take it somewhere and have harassment charges filed. i emailed you to talk to you personally and professionally about how innacurate your article is and how you shouldnt post something when you are misinformed. i agree the shit they post is unacceptable, as i said they are teenagers and they will continue to do stupid things until they learn from them, but i don’t need st. pete times calling my house asking for my input on the subject because they read your article online. my family and i dealt with this enough when i was falsely accused and i dont need my mother to be upset cause the newspaper is calling asking for my input. if you havent already noticed my family and i are dealing with enough right now. Again im asking you kindly to remove this post or ill be taking this up with the police and filing harassment charges. completely immature and unnecessary to put someones business out there like that

Last night, he reiterated this issue:

Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 8:55 PM

I’m giving you one more day to remove that post or you will have a lawsuit on your hands

Now, I’d like to point out that I am, in fact, a journalist and that nothing in Dylan’s emails indicated that our correspondence was to be considered private or off the record.  Twitter users can also delete tweets.  If Dylan’s prior tweets aren’t representative of his current opinions, he can remove them.

Predictably, I have also heard from a lot of his DudeBro friends — starting with this totally real subject heading:

You’ve ruined the reputation of Awareness for Rape because of your article

This person went on to tell me:

It’s obvious you’re a feminist. I get that, you were probably raped or felt for a girl you knew that was raped as well. That’s understandable. I know a girl who was raped when she was younger. If it was legal for me to do it, I would kill the guy,

You know someone who was raped. We all do. I could line up all the people I know who have been raped and they would stretch across this world. Rape is a very real problem. It’s time we all start doing something about it. I’m not saying “killing” rapists is the answer (and I’m glad you have refrained from killing anyone.) In the time it took you to type out your e-mail to me you could have done something to help prevent rape culture, like maybe e-mailing one of your friends and saying “Hey [DudeBro], rape is not cool.”

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