Target Is No Longer Selling Creepy Clown Masks, Because Some People Went and Ruined Clowns for Everybody

The fact that the creepy clown trend is far from the most obnoxious thing to come out of 2016 is a testament to this year’s shittiness. Under normal circumstances, people running around dressed as evil clowns would be the worst thing of the year, but compared with everything else that’s been going around, evil clowns are not the biggest problem facing the world.

Still, the creepy clown thing has gone from quirky to weird to downright awful, as the real-life meme has gone from just clowns sitting at bus stations to clowns intentionally terrifying middle-school kids to  clowns actually issuing threats against schools. (Some teenagers seem to need a refresher: Threatening violence at your school is terrorism, even if you’re wearing a clown mask.)

The clown thing has gotten so out of hand that now The Cut reports that Target is officially refusing to sell clown masks to people, because they don’t want to be involved when some asshole decides to put on a clown mask and terrorize the town.

”Given the current environment, we have made the decision to remove a variety of clown masks from our assortment, both in stores and online,” said Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas.

Clown masks are still available all over the Internet and from the tackier variety of online costume shops, but if you were hoping to get one with your Starbucks and that shabby chic linen duvet cover you’ve had your eye on, you’re going to have to make another trip.

I feel bad for actual clowns. This stupid fad has got to be killing the birthday party clown industry.

H/T The Cut

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