Target Introduces Gender Neutral Bedding For Kids, and It’s So Cute You’re Going to Want It for Yourself

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camp_kiddo_collection(Photo: Target)

Shopping for kids can be bewildering, because a lot of it is so adamantly and nonsensically gendered. Even if we accept that girls like pink and unicorns and boys like blue and dinosaurs — which I do not — that still leaves myriad colors and shapes unassigned. What about raccoons? Are raccoons for boys or girls? What about owls, or the color red? Who gets red? It’s all painfully ridiculous. These examples are taken from real life, when I apparently offended the Gods–and some relatives–by buying footie pajamas with foxes on the feet for my daughter, because apparently cartoon foxes are for boys. (Also raccoons are for boys, owls are for girls, and everything is effing ridiculous.)

It’s difficult even to search for kids’ stuff because so often it’s sorted into boys’ stuff and girls’ stuff, and then some sad, desolate “neutral” section full of newborn-sized reindeer onesies in August. But now Target has announced that it will be introducing a new line of “gender neutral” bedding called Pillowfort, and it’s just some really cute kids’ stuff with no overt demonstration of gender or sexuality, which is probably for the best, because it is for children.

The line has a pretty cool, cute, hipstery aesthetic, but I like that. There are bears, and foxes, and octopuses. There’s an astronaut, and flowers, and a flamingo, and dinosaurs. Some of that stuff might traditionally be associated with boys or with girls, but in this case Target is just like, “Here is the cute kids’ stuff. Pick what you like.” If your girl wants flowers, there are the flowers. If your boy wants flowers, there are the flowers. If your kid wants a space ship, there is a space ship.

And if you want some of this stuff for yourself, that is totally OK too. Personally, I really want the fox pillow in the above photo for my living room. Oh, who am I kidding? I want the stuffed bear, too.

There is also ample opportunity for mix-and-matching, so anybody who has ever wondered who would win in a fight between a unicorn and an octopus can stage that fight on their kid’s wall. (Team Unicorn all the way.)

The complete collection is expected to debut on February 21, but it can be previewed on the Target website.