Target Is About to Become Even More Awesome (Yes, That’s Possible)

Target is one of my favorite places on the planet. I could spend an entire day inside their glorious store, trying on clothes and redecorating my home, relying on popcorn and Starbucks coffee for sustenance. But going to Target with my kids is a totally different, totally awful experience. I take them there as little as possible, lest I lose my mind over the constant “Can I get this? Can we go to the dollar section? Can I have an icee?” So I am STOKED to hear that the powers-that-be are testing out next-day Target delivery this summer. SIGN ME UP.

Target is calling the program “Target Restock,” and according to their press release, the pilot program is rolling out in Minneapolis first. Anyone in the pilot area with a Target REDcard can go to a special online site to order thousands of different household essentials. Shoppers can then fill up a box with products and have them shipped to their homes for a flat fee. Target says “the items will be packaged at a nearby store, allowing us to fulfill orders placed before 1:30 p.m. by the next business day.”


The Business of Fashion is reporting that the pilot program is Target’s attempt to compete with Amazon Prime and other e-commerce retailers. That makes sense to me. I will buy a lot of things on Amazon simply so I don’t have to schlep stuff home. But if Target can get me what I need an entire day before Amazon…well, that’s a no-brainer.

Target says they’ll be “busy fine-tuning the experience and testing various enhancements” during the test program. So Minneapolis, DON’T FUCK THIS UP. I need next-day Target delivery in my life IMMEDIATELY.

(Image: Instagram / @target)

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