Why Would You Buy a Bag of M&M’s When You Can Buy a Whole Bucket?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a bag of M&M’s just won’t do. There aren’t enough! Even in that little resealable bag. When you need chocolate, you NEED it. So Target is working hard to meet that need. You can now buy an entire bucket of chocolate from Target. That’s right. An actual bucket of M&M’s. This bucket o’candy is going to make a lot of people very happy.

The bucket of chocolate is big. Really big. Like, perfect-for-the-first-day-of-your-period big.


I’m certainly not suggesting you eat the entire bucket. But let’s be honest: it’ll happen at some point. Buckets of anything are always bad news, and there’s no way most people have the self-control necessary to stop after one handful of the candy-coated chocolate.

The bucket of chocolate M&M’s weighs in at an impressive 32.5 ounces. Let Delish save you from doing the math: that’s 19 regular bags of M&M’s.

It’s resealable, so you can make it last! LOL that’s not going to happen. I appreciate the design, but once that lid comes off, it’s game over. The bucket of chocolate M&M’s comes in plain and peanut. Which is sort of disappointing, because I will MURDER a bucket of peanut butter M&M’s. So maybe this is good news for me? Plain chocolate and peanut aren’t really my jam. I guess I will have to buy 19 separate bags of my preferred poison until Target gets with the program.

But M&M’s are doing some pretty good things with new flavors, so we have even more to look forward to!


Mars, the company who makes M&M’s, is releasing three new flavors: crunchy mint, crunchy raspberry, and crunchy espresso. Remember how cool I mentioned it would be to be able to eat your coffee? Well, now you can, in the form of delicious candy.

The bucket o’ M&M’s retails at Target for a very reasonable $8.49. That’s either really good news, or really bad news, depending on your level of self-control.

(Image: Target)

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