Horrible: Detroit Mother Charged With Fatally Stabbing Her Daughter – Who Would’ve Turned 9 Years Old Today

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child abuseAs a parenting blogger, there are times when I hear stories that are uplifting or entertaining. I get to talk about social justice and ridiculous celebrities and the miracles of childbirth. Then, there are times when we have to cover horrific tragedies that befall children. These stories are so upsetting that I cannot shake them from my mind or shut off my computer and pretend I haven’t heard them. They make me weep and they make it hard to relax and enjoy my own family. The murder of little Tameria Greene is one of these tragic stories.

Today, Tameria Greene would be 9 years old. She never made this milestone, because this little girl was stabbed to death on Sunday, December 30th. In the middle of the night, police found her bleeding out in her home, her mother attempting to revive the young girl with CPR.

According to the police reports, Semeria Aminita Greene stabbed her daughter once in the chest. And it wasn’t the first time that the young girl had suffered at the hands of her mother.

Police had been called to the house before to address allegations of child abuse. Child Protective Services had been involved with the family. The young girl had gone to the hospital before with questionable injuries and bruises, which the mother had attributed to school bullying.

This mother, who also has four sons that were all home and found to be in dirty clothes with matted hair, claims that her daughter was making a sandwich in the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. She says that it was unclear what happened next, but suddenly her daughter was on the ground, lifeless.

Police, however, don’t buy the mother’s story. Multiple neighbors claim that Greene was both neglectful and abusive to her children. Also, after her arrest, police say that the woman was uncooperative and smelled of alcohol. The mother is charged with child abuse, as well as the murder of her young daughter.

The horrible death of this little girl, and the trauma inflicted on her four younger brothers, are the types of stories that haunt me. These are the nightmares that wake me up in the middle of the night. They make me weep and they make me angry that monsters exist who can inflict this pain on innocent young children.

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