Tamera Mowry Drinks Twin Sister’s Breast Milk

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“It tastes like a chai tea latte but without the chai.”

That’s how Tamera Mowry describes her sister’s breast milk after taking a swig on national television.

Tamera and her identical twin sister Tia Mowry – stars of popular 90s sitcom Sister Sister – have their own reality show called Tia & Tamera. On the season finale,  Tia pumps a fresh bottle and hands it over to her sis. “You’ve got to taste this,” she tells Tamera. “It tastes really good.”

Tamera is kind of grossed out but she tries it anyway. And, lo and behold, Tamera likes it! “It’s actually pretty good,” she concludes. And then, “Woah… This is amazing!” She takes another swig before passing it back to Tia, who treats herself to a sip. (It’s kind of like watching two teenage sisters share their first marijuana joint.)

Viewers were ASTOUNDED. I mean, when was the last time anyone saw identical twin sisters sharing freshly pumped breast milk on national television? Yeah, that would be never.

The thing is, it’s no big deal. Almost everyone I know who breastfed their babies at one point or another either tasted a tiny drop themselves or had their husbands/partners have a little taste as well. People are curious; it’s human nature. The difference being that most people don’t admit to it – or truly don’t even remember or care – whereas these girls did it on television for the whole world to see.

Take a look below.

[youtube_iframe id=”ZqUlic733JI”]