30 Of The Tallest Women In Hollywood

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For some reason, we always assume people are taller than they really are. Maybe it’s because of camera angles and tricks, but it’s hard not to be surprised when you find out your favorite leading man is 5’3″. However, it can go the opposite way, too. Sometimes we learn how tall someone is and we’re blown away because they are super lanky. Not just average person tall — legitimately giant. That’s our whole mood after researching the tallest female stars in Hollywood. These leading ladies are towering beauties!

Some of the women on this list we weren’t really surprised by. After all, when you start your career as a WNBA star, your height is sort of a given. But some of the other women on this list shocked us! There’s nothing we love more than than a strong woman standing tall over everyone else in the room. Bonus: these ladies don’t have to suffer in uncomfortable heels for a leg up on their competition!

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