The American Academy Of Pediatrics Says That You Should Curb Your Sandy Hook Media Diet

shutterstock_110982050With Michigan schools shutting down, our nation stocking up on guns, and 24/7 media coverage of the Sandy Hook, American kids do have every reason to feel spooked this holiday season. Adults are acting strangely as we mourn the loss of 26 victims and some grownups are even proposing armed guards on their school campuses ASAP. But the American Academy of Pediatrics has some guidelines for how to handle this national crisis and it all comes down to what you’re letting into your home.

NBC has quoted the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Thomas McInerny, as saying to going easy on the news — and that goes for all devices:

”As in any frightening situation, young children should not be exposed to the extensive media coverage of the event — in other words, turn off the TV, computer, and other media devices,” he advised.

Given the state we’re collectively in following such a devastating tragedy, this is a taller order for some parents than others. Modern parents are now known for finding their community and support online, particularly in our age of dispersed loved ones. And as all of us Internet dwellers know, one minute you’re on Facebook, the next you’re randomly reading about inverted baby nipples and the latest Jennifer Aniston pregnancy rumors.

The continued Sandy Hook coverage is only another click away — and not all of it, I think, we should necessarily be turning away from.

(photo: Ksenia Palimski / Shutterstock)

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