10 Reasons Tacos Are Better Than Sisters-In-Law

soft-tacos-taco-tuesdayIt happened again: an entire week passed, and now here we are once more, standing in the warm glow of a freshly pressed flour tortilla, inhaling the delicious smell of carne asada, knowing in our heart of hearts that everything will be okay on this most glorious and joyous of days: taco Tuesday.

It’s true that I will never run out of things to compare tacos favorably to; after all, there is little on the planet that is as delicious as a taco (except maybe samosas) but after last week’s rundown on how tacos are infinitely better and usually more crispy than mothers-in-law, I decided the natural thing to do was teach you all about the ways that tacos are better than sisters-in-law, too.

I will admit that before sitting down to write this, I had no idea what a hated group the sisters-in-law are. I will say that whether she is your brother’s wife, husband’s sister or your husband’s brother’s wife, she isn’t as wonderful as a taco.

1. The Silent Treatment

taco tuesday with sister in law

Tacos will never give you the silent treatment, unlike sisters-in-law who will ignore you even when you ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER when she is having a conversation.

2. Changing Your Mind

If your taco tastes weird, or you otherwise don’t like it, you can just change it out for a new taco. Sisters-in-law are not interchangeable, no matter how funny they taste.

3. Hypothetical Future Kids

taco tuesday with sister in law

You should always feel comfortable leaving those hypothetical future kids you don’t have with your tacos. If your sister-in-law personally gets on your cotdamn nerves, you might want to think twice about leaving your imaginary babies with her.

4. Hungry For Attention

Tacos will never come to your wedding wearing white and announce their fourth pregnancy during the first dance, so there’s that.

5. Variety Is The Spice Of Life

taco tuesday with sister in law

Tacos come in many delicious flavors, while sisters-in-law only come with one: fucking up your life.

6. You Don’t Have To Take Turns

Tacos only care about fire sauce and being delicious, not whose turn it is to host Thanksgiving.

7. Friendship Cake

taco tuesday with sister in law

Like that delicious friendship cake that you made because you were just trying to be nice.

8. No Competition

Tacos never want to compare their baby’s milestones to your baby’s milestones.

9. Morning! Wish You Were Dead


To be fair, though, she’s probably just sad taco Tuesday is over.

10. Free Babysitting

Tacos never hog all of the free babysitting.Tacos don’t even have babies. Life would be better if they did.

(Image: Joshua Resnick /Shutterstock)

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