Chalupa-Loving Bride Makes Wedding Dress Out of Taco Bell Wrappers

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We live in a world in which entitled, perfectionist brides will bill their friends to make them pay for a $10,000 wedding dress or demand lavish gifts from the people they invited to their weddings, and in the face of that kind of rudeness, bride-to-be Diane Nguyen is a breath of fresh air. She’s not spending $10,000 at Vera Wang or throwing Wedgwood crystal at her sister because she wanted Baccarat. No, she’s sitting in her apartment with a glue gun and 200 Taco Bell wrappers to make the most unique wedding dress that has ever entered Las Vegas.

According to Eater, Diane–who goes by the amazing Instagram handle of Dianesaurus Rex–has been engaged to her fiance for four taco-loving years, and now she really wants to get married at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell started all this with a “Love and Tacos” contest, and the grand prize winners will be the first couple to have a wedding at the new Taco Bell wedding chapel in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Taco Bell really does offer legal weddings with a private taco reception, Champagne, a wedding cake made out of Cinnabon, and a garter belt made of hot sauce packets.

Diane Nguyen really wants to win.

Diane used some hot glue and about 200 Taco Bell wrappers to make this dress.

Voting on the contest will continue through March 7, and the winners will be announced after that. It’s tough to imagine who else could possibly win over Diane and her Taco Bell wedding dress, but even if she doesn’t win, at least she got some really great pictures out of it.