Sorry Gossip Peddlers, Seal Wasn’t Partying In His Hotel While The Kids Slept

The world was pretty sad when Seal and Heidi Klum decided to call it quits, but the couple seemed committed to “divorcing with dignity,” and shielding their children from the media frenzy. But the press just hates it when celebs refuse to let their privates lives get messy and out-of-control. So one website decided to invent a little drama to add into the couple’s divorce proceedings.

Radar Online, which has never really had a reputation for reliability, reported that Seal invited two beautiful women up to his hotel room for a little late night party. Even better than celeb hook-up rumors, they said that the musicians kids were asleep in the next room. What an irresponsible parent! “Even though his children were in the next room, Seal didn’t let that stop him from having a little fun,” claimed the site. And they say that the party didn’t stop until security was called to check on all the commotion.

The only problem? This whole thing is bogus. As Gossip Cop discovered, the story was completely false. Seal was in Australia to shoot The Voice. He did have his kids along. But there was no partying and no threesome in the adjoining room. His representative states that the Radar story is “absolutely untrue and a complete lie.”

So should we just shrug our shoulders and move on to the next bit of gossip? If it wasn’t true this time, there will be another time that a celeb does something twice as bad and it gets looked over, so who cares?

Think for a minute about the damage a story like this could do to a dad whose currently working out custody of his children. These stories, even if they are completely devoid of any checkable facts, could be used as evidence to say that Seal doesn’t take care of his kids during their time with him. Get too many of these baseless stories and it could demonstrate a reputation of misbehavior.

This is a dad. It’s a guy who took his kids along with him on a work trip. Who knows what they did while we were there, but it’s really none of our business unless they choose to share it with us. But the idea that completely false stories can be published with no consequences is sad. It’s sad that we don’t consider these celebrities as being worthy of truthful reporting.

Hopefully, Seal’s soon-to-be ex-wife is aware of the culture they live in, enough that she doesn’t buy in to bogus claims. Hopefully, the court wouldn’t consider internet gossip as indications of character. But whether this single story ends up effecting Seal or not, it’s indicative of a dishonest trend in celebrity reporting that’s unfair to everyone involved.

(Photo: WENN)

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