Teen Who ‘Sexy Yearbooked’ Her Way Into A Film Is Already Acting Like A Celebrity

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You might remember 18-year-old Sydney Spies as the young lady who famously submitted a yearbook photo “too sexy” for print. Insert needless Today show commentary here. Following that unnecessary hoopla, the teen was then offered a movie role in a Syfy film. I’m not quite sure whether this film is in post- or pre-production, but no matter. As Ms. Spies is already acting like a huge tabloid-y mess as evidenced by her recent arrest. And that of her mama.

The Durango Herald reports that the police arrived at her mother’s Colorado home to see “numerous” underage persons boozing it up with a beer keg, various alcohol bottles, and those classic red plastic cups containing alcohol. Several kids, upon seeing the police, fled the scene. Young Sydney was also reportedly present. Because her mother, Denise Spies, owns the home, police sought her out to explain why a bunch of kids were having a freshman party under her roof. What ensued then is befit for a cross between Cops and a Lohan-esque reality show. Pay attention Bravo:

Miki Spies refused to give her name, identification and date of birth, according to police reports. She attempted to “herd the crowd of partygoers into her house,” according to a report by officer Darrell Robertson.

“Ms. Spies asked me why she needed to provide her identification,” the officer wrote. “I explained to Ms. Spies that her being the homeowner along with the copious amount of alcoholic beverages present, and with numerous underage persons in attendance, she was contributing to the delinquency of minors, a felony offense.”

Police attempted to detain her for questioning, but she “broke into a full sprint for her front door,” according to an incident report.

Police chased her into the house and into her bedroom, where she attempted to slam the door on police. She was arrested after a brief struggle, Parsons said.

And that isn’t even the worst of it. Because of Denise’s antics, the police didn’t catch the identity of those other little troublemakers. Young Sydney then one upped The Real Housewives of New Jersey by, not table flipping, but almost kicking one of police officer’s in his gentlemen business:

Sydney Spies attempted to block a police officer from entering the house, Parsons said.

She also pulled and tugged against officers when they tried to place her in handcuffs, he said. She refused to walk on her own to a police car, where she was placed in the back seat. She later unbuckled the seatbelt and attempted to jump out, Parsons said.

“She nearly kicked me in the groin,” officer Robertson wrote in his report.

Denise was ultimately charged with a felony for delinquency of a minor and two misdemeanors for resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer. Kid Spies was charged with one misdemeanor of obstructing an officer. The mother-daughter duo was released on $10,500 bail between them — not quite yet celebrity bail numbers — and have court dates set for the coming weeks. Hopefully, they don’t conflict with that filming schedule. A true Lindsay Lohan dilemma.

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