I Call Shenanigans On One Aspect Of This UK Survey About Reading Kids Bedtime Stories

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shutterstock_94824559__1380536072_74.134.205.46I can believe this story published by our BFF’s The Daily Mail that was conducted by parenting website Mumsnet  (Note to Koa Beck: secure domain name Mummyishâ„¢)  that parents sometimes lie about reading bedtime stories to their kids. According to the article:

The poll of 1,200 mothers, conducted by parenting website Mumsnet, found that 44 per cent of parents feel bad about not treating their children to a tale before bed. Full of guilt, 4 per cent said they have lied about the amount of bedtime stories they read.

I can believe that aspect of it, because I’m sure many parents are busy and exhausted and they would rather have a glass of wine and watch TV rather than reading to their kids. As much as I enjoyed reading to my kids I’m sure there was a night or two where I put them to bed without a story. It happens. But what I call shenanigans on is this part of the article:

8 per cent admitting they have bribed their children just to listen to a story.



Isn’t the bribe the story? Isn’t it like “Brush your teeth and get on your PJ’s and I will read you a story?” At least that’s how it was in my crib.

So, if you have to bribe your kids to listen to a story, what exactly are you bribing them with? If you get to read them Pat The Bunny you will buy them a pony? I don’t know about you guys, but if ever my kids pulled any action like acting like reading a bedtime story together was akin to cleaning their room or some other despised-by-children chore I would have sent them to bed with NOTHING. Sheesh. I find this very hard to believe, because cuddling and stories are the best and finding out exactly how hungry that caterpillar is was one of the best parts of childhood.

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